Printing firefox pages header missing and slightly skewed

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Printing firefox pages header missing and slightly skewed

Postby Marc63 on Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:26 pm


I just installed LinuxMint KDE 13 today and I'm new to mint. I tried printing but had several issues. I have an HP Officetjet J4580. It seems to be fully recognized. However, when I print a firefox webpage initially neither the header nor footer appeared on the printed page. Going into to page setup (which defaults to US letter) and clicking on the paper size and selecting manage custom sizes allows me to move the margins. When I tried to use that custom size it would not communicate with my printer at all. When I put it back to US letter it would then print the footer but not the header (with the web address). I can readjust the footer in the print options when printing to give a web address at the bottom, but I'd prefer to have the header print it with the title, blank, url as it is defaulted to. I also tried playing around with system settings>printer configuration>my printer name>job options>top and bottom margins; but that didn't seem to help either. Is there a way to get the header to print?

The 2nd issue (which isn't strictly a firefox issue) is that when I print anything from anywhere the page isn't aligned very well. I've tried realigning using the HPLIP toolbox (which I downloaded), but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.

Any ideas on both these issues would be much appreciated.


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