Defaults for the new user profile in kde

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Defaults for the new user profile in kde

Postby soup-n-sandwich on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:00 pm

Hi guys
Does anybody have any first hand experience making a new users default configuration profile?
I was told in the past that KDE4 doesn't use the /etc/skel. That is true that MOST distros don't have anything in the /etc/skel...but it will still work.
In Mint I see that the defaults (some of the default....not all) for new users are in /use/share/kde4/config/. In this dir. there is a README file that indicates that the files in this dir are the defaults and if you are a sysadmin and need to change the defaults for a new user you can copy these defaults (and modify them) to the /etc/kde4/config directory as config files in this directory will have priority over the ones in /usr/share/kde4/config. Well I tried it. It works but there is a lot to be desired. Things like color, panel arrangement, and many other configurations are not in this config file list.

I then tried the old method...with much more success. I first create a temp user. Configure the desktop as I need it.
As root I copy all the file from /home/temp/ (including the hidden files) to the /etc/skel/. I confirm that the ownership is root for all files.

I then run a search for hard path files {grep -ir 'temp' /etc/skel/ >> /root/Desktop/grepOutput.txt] and change them to a variable. Example is the file path in some of these files would ready something like /home/temp/.kde/app/...... I would change that too either $HOME/.kde/app/..... or ~/.kde/app/.....
I tried it out and it works very well...except for a couple of things. For some reason the network app won't connect to the network. The icon is just a red "X".

Anybody know what file in the users home is related to this app?

Is there a better way to make this default user profile for a new user?
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