kde mint 13 on an inpiron 6400 dell laptop : hum...

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kde mint 13 on an inpiron 6400 dell laptop : hum...

Postby apogarte on Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:28 pm


i finished installing kde mint 13 today and this is sort of a brief of this experience :

1/ as i previously noticed on other ubuntu and derivated distros, one need to be VERY patient while launching the hd installation
of the os, specially during the disk inspection during (manual) partitionning. Do not shut down nor reboot : WAIT ! (some other sid debian
distros do the same plus complete install everything included in less than 10 minutes...). Without talking of the bug that stopped suddenly the
install process with no notification of anything...
2/ Once installed, and even after telling during initial install setup that i wanted THAT langage installed, system is still in english...
3/ Once installed, apt-get update is giving errors because sources list are rainbows up (maya instead of precise in ubuntu and medibuntu
lst files that need manual correction)(wich gives error 2 i presume)
4/ Once this corrected, it took several trials before to get system up to date with the requested langage settings...

well ok. kde works for now. still have to find out how to get a good fan control, since i coul'dnt figure out how to use the i8kfan :
installed, but nothing in the menus, and in a console giving as a result : can't open /proc/i8k... pffff....

my conclusion for now is that : kde will have a hard time to get more users with such disastrous bugs. how can we imagine a new user can
find his way among all that stuf ? For my own part i should say : i'm ok, i can overcome ! but beginners ?!
was not kde supposed to be for them ?!

of course i will remain attentive for those willing to use kde mint 13 and am ready to help (if i can)

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