when exactly is the kde version of petra due out?

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Re: when exactly is the kde version of petra due out?

Postby igor83 on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:30 pm

kmb42vt wrote:@igor83 - Heh, I like that. "Year of decisions". Very accurate I think. There's choices for Mint though and Xorg hasn't been deprecated yet so there's still time to make these decisions. A lot depends on what Intel, AMD and Nvidia chooses to support as far as display servers go as well. Right now none of three has yet thrown support behind Wayland or Mir as far as the latest info is concerned. And Canonical had to pull their plans for XMir in 13.10 due to Intel pulling their support for it. Xorg may be a bit more than a few decades old but all in all, it still being developed, it still works and is well supported.

Until there's concrete evidence about full free and non-free graphics driver support for either Mir or Wayland, I won't believe what Canonical or the Wayland developers state about it.

Oh dear, I believe we hijacked this thread. Sorry about that. :D

Intel ruled out support for Mir apparently but have not condemned Wayland to my knowledge. My own feeling is that Wayland is the way to go. Ubuntu going with MIR I think has everything to do with the profit motive, like a lot of their other recent decisions. Canonical gets a strategic advantage if they can persuade developers to develop only for MIR or to devote most of their resources to MIR and not develop or to minimize development for Wayland. This makes Ubuntu more competitive against other Linux distros and gives Canonical a lot of influence ultimately over which direction Linux development goes. Basically Canonical will be calling the shots in the Linux world from then on out if they can get enough of the market using MIR. It's a bold gambit, and one that may crash and burn like the satellite MIR, but it's hard to rule out Ubuntu given so many people use it. If MIR seems destined to harm rather than help Ubuntu, then the Minters might opt to go with say Linux Mint Debian, and that might just be all right given that Mint has its own update program that seems to work at least as good as *buntu's. I think Mint has already reaped a lot of benefits from *buntu, and that it might be entering a period of reduced returns in which *buntu won't be bringing as much to the table with each new update as it used to in the past.

I don't see how Canonical's motives and my motives coincide. My motive is to have a desktop that works great and is low cost. I'm not concerned about the latest and greatest games and don't use mobile gadgets and don't care about Canonical's financial bottom line or whether Shuttleworth can buy a new trip into outer space or whatever, so if MIR is intended for any of that, it doesn't matter to me in the slightest. I think the goal of Wayland is to develop a sensible, efficient, modern and well-designed display server, and if that is the really the case then Wayland seems preferable over the Canonical profit enhancement vehicle called MIR.
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Re: when exactly is the kde version of petra due out?

Postby blue_bullet on Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:51 pm

Orbmiser wrote:
javabiz wrote:Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon/Mate were released on May 29, 2013 and xfce on July 21st and kde on July 23 of 2013.
Currently if Cinnamon/Mate were finalized on 11/30/2013 then xfce should release on January 21, 2014 and kde on January 23, 2014.

I hope kde gets here sooner because I tried Mate and Cinnamon and I liked Kde much better because of the ability to add a panel on the top with a pager with eight desktops. I could also run a separate instance of Firefox in each window, which was huge. The Cairo panel on the bottom gave me all the advantages of Mac with Linux Mint 15 kde underneath. Awesome! The best developer machine yet! Mate/Cinnamon were limited with Cairo and with the way it handles multiple applications at the same time. Okay for light use users but not heavy users!

Yep the waiting and need to clean installs every 6 months. Had me looking at a debian rolling as a solution.
So went with another which is part of the Mint family SolydXK which is a monthly debian semi-rolling KDE.

Since I had separate /home parition then all I had to do was install / root and everything worked with minimal breakage to fix.
And no more wating for next release or need to clean install every 6-9 months. Last 3 monthly updates went smooth and trouble free. With closest to newest versions apps and KDE 4.11.3 & 3.10-3 kernel.

I think I will try your approach. I have been waiting for LM 16 KDE. I have a Ralink 539b wifi adapter on my HP Envy DV7 laptop. My laptop loses connectivity over time and drops wifi unless the laptop is brought closer (within 15 feet) to the router). 3.8.0-26-generic has a bad driver for that card. I downloaded the proper driver from Ralink's site but get errors when I try to install it. I also get errors when I try to install later kernels. The later kernels have the proper drivers installed. Evidently whoever installed the bad driver on 3.8 never bothered to fix it. My limited knowledge keeps me from fixing the compile errors. I think the rolling solution may be the ticket for me as well. I never look forward to installing new versions of Mint b/c even with a separate /home partition it seems to take me a week to get things sorted out.
This is now compounded by the dual boot issues introduced with Microsoft's insistence that PC manufacturers provide a secure boot if they are to include Windows 8.

I will try the usb and see if the drivers were fixed in the 3.10-3 kernel. I am pretty sure they were fixed in one of the 3.11s or at least 3.12. Thanks for the tip.
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