LM 16 KDE - Grey Lock Screen

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LM 16 KDE - Grey Lock Screen

Postby MrNuminix on Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:38 pm

Hi everyone, hoping somebody might be able to help me out with this. So, I got my desktop and everything set up the way that I would like it. I went to lock my screen to step away for a moment and the screen stayed a gray color. When I came back it was still gray. Clicking on the screen wouldn't unlock it nor pressing any keys on the keyboard. I had to resort to using the good ol' CTRL+ALT+Backspace to reset X, which thankfully took me back to the login. However, the problem is that it does it any time I try to lock the computer. I actually disabled the screensaver in an attempt to prevent this from happening again. I am running this on a Samsung ATIV Book 8 and the two video cards I am using are an Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 8770. Mint has the X.Org driver 1.7 installed for the AMD card. What else could I do in order to make the lock screen work? I appreciate all help. Thank you! :D
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