How to Clean Old Settings?

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How to Clean Old Settings?

Postby Dalamar on Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:16 am

I have a spare hard disk with a separate /home partition. I used it for Kubuntu 8.04.

Now I installed Mint KDE Helena in it. Problem is that old settings like fonts, icons, etc are retained and is causing me troubles.

Is there a way to it all up without harming important files in the /home? What I want is a clean state for Mint KDE. I even want to clean up history and bookmarks in Firefox.

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Re: How to Clean Old Settings?

Postby Aging Technogeek on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:07 am

One way is to back up your /home partition to an external drive and wipe the drive you want to clean using a program like Darik's Boot and Nuke or Active Killdisk. (Google search either, download and burn the .iso to a CD. To run, boot from the CD and follow the instructions) Both programs are also available on the Ultimate Boot CD - a system repair tool available from Linux

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Re: How to Clean Old Settings?

Postby DrHu on Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:40 pm

You should have in your /home the KDE hidden directories,
  • .kde
  • .kde3
  • .kde4
    .kde is the default environment, and .kde3 is the personal settings. So either check .kde for settings or rename .kde3 to only use .kde4 personal settings

  • I think you could rename .kde3 to something like .kde_old
  • Restart the desktop, using ctrl-alt-backspace to kill the xserver, if that works
    --and re-login
  • Or after renaming .kde3, start with a fresh session
    --don't save sessions
  • Or possibly, using the package manager, remove kde3x packages
    --since kde4x is already installed

And you have to be aware of which KDE 3.5x applications you are running that haven't been updated to work in KDE 4.3
--at the moment the latest KDE 4.4x apparently has problems with pulseaudio; so it's an ongoing change

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