[Solved] Mint KDE 13 Release ?

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Re: Mint KDE 13 Release ?

Postby cwwgateway on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:29 pm

BostonPeng wrote:
HoppityBob wrote:Some may say Kde is too complex but the plain fact is that nobody is forced to use options if they don't want to, and taking them away in the way that Gnome does simply destroys it for those who do actually make use of those features, they're left with no choice at all. It's utterly stupid reasoning imo. So I've finally figured out I could add Kubuntu backports and install KDE via that and it's working absolutely brilliantly - it's so good to be back on a proper desktop at last !

I know exactly what you mean, HoppityBob. When I rebuilt my laptop with a fresh LMDE install a few months ago I wanted to give MATE and/or Cinnamon a fair try but I immediately missed simple things on KDE like the Run Command Interface and being able to right click on the desktop to start the shutdown procedure.I suspect some folk are so used to how GNOME does things that they have a hard time dealing with KDE and all its options, but I think if people would take the time to see what KDE can do and the things you can disable we'd end up with a lot more KDE users. I just wish the unofficial LMDE KDE respin had come out sooner so I could have installed straight into KDE without having to take the extra steps to install it on top of LMDE.

Honestly, I have to agree with you. At least for right now, KDE has more options than Cinnamon, and it has a lot of advantages over Cinnamon.

I've used a fairly large variety of desktops, and I think that they all have their pros and cons, including KDE, and those pros and cons are different for different people. There isn't a one size fits all solution (meaning for some people KDE is best, for some people Cinnamon is best, etc). Also, I agree that you really have to try using a desktop before you make a decision. Most of the reasons that someone wouldn't want to use KDE would result form them having not truly given KDE the time. However, the same goes for MATE and Cinnamon. They have some advantages over KDE.

Overall, I strongly agree with the sentiment of taking away options is bad. However, you could look at it in a lot of ways. Examples are:
  • Cinnamon started out with extremely few options, and has expanded to more options.
  • Having all of these desktops means more options - there are options for people who don't want options and options for people who do
  • Gnome Shell took away options, but added the ability to change it in many ways through extensions
  • MATE is, literally, Gnome 2, so it has all of the options that Gnome 2 has.
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Re: Mint KDE 13 Release ?

Postby Sam Poison Oak on Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:25 pm

Its seems that this post should be locked from now on.
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