Mouse nesting in corners

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Mouse nesting in corners

Postby fofa on Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:14 pm

1st, real newbie to linux, be gentle.
Old DELL latitude D800 laptop
Pentium M non PAE cpu.
It's been tough finding a version that works.
mint 11 installed first, then a version of 12, not 13 xfce

I have at least a few problems, I am going to try and tackle them one at a time in order of importance.
Biggest problem is the mouse. The pointer will just take off and nest either in the top right or bottom left corner.
Windows XP which I replaced, worked fine with the exact hardware I have right now.
I have not been able to pin it down on any one program, but it does seem to happen more with password prompts, and either Chrome or Firefox browsers.
Sometimes the touchpad will work, but not usually, maybe 5% of the time.
Once it starts, I can usually wait it out (5 minutes or so) and it will work normally for a half minute or 2 minutes before starting again.
Sometimes it will switch corners for no apparent reason.
It is a USB microsoft intelli mouse.
According to the mouse setup and properties, it appears the proper mouse driver is selected.
Now I am lost, but the laptop is almost impossible to use with the mouse acting in this way.
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Re: Mouse nesting in corners

Postby gold_finger on Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:38 pm

From specs I looked up, you're laptop has Nvidia graphics. Have you tried looking to see if there is an Nvidia proprietary driver you could install for it. Sometimes the wrong graphics driver being used can cause miscellaneous issues that you wouldn't normally associate with it. Mouse problems can be a sign of that. After initial install, your system will be using a generic driver for Nvidia cards. If you didn't change that then it's still using the generic driver which may be the problem.

If you haven't install one, check to see if one is available for your system by going to:

Menu -> Settings -> Additional Drivers
Enter password if asked and wait a minute or so for it to analyze the system. When analysis complete, will display choices for you if there are any. If "Recommended" is displayed next to one of them, pick that. If not, pick one and try. Go through process again if first one doesn't work.

Other than that, can only think of some more basic checks that you probably already tried, but will list them anyway just in case.

If using a hard-wired usb mouse:
-- try plugging into different usb port just in case the one it's in currently is malfunctioning.
-- mouse itself OR its connecting wire may be malfunctioning. If you don't have a second mouse to test with, bring laptop to work, a friend/relative's house, etc. and test with theirs -- wired and/or wireless w/ dongle plugged in.

If using wireless mouse:
-- check w/ new battery (when battery on mine gets low, it behaves irradically as you described).
-- check with a different mouse connected.
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Re: Mouse nesting in corners

Postby fofa on Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:35 pm

OK tried different things until I screwed it up so bad, It wouldn't even boot in safe mode.
Reloaded 13.
Went through the update process (before loading any programs) and updated the nvidia driver to the proprietary drivers, and the update to those (173).
The mouse nesting improved a tiny bit, recovery time seems slightly less. But it is still nesting in the top right or bottom left.
At least the updates loaded fine this time.
So what would my next move be?
I have NOT loaded anything besides updates.
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