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Video Driver AO751h

Postby Cyronix on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:43 am

Hey there Community,

i installed linux mint 16 xfce on my old AO751h with sickness of GMA500, but every site i tryed to download the drivers, i got everywhere error 404... anybody knows a still online repo for installing this to make my good old Netbook work? :)
with the ubuntu wiki links wont work for me too but i think they was the same :X:

*edit: now i see in the terminal that he wants to download the saucy distro, but its not there in the ppa, ive checked it via browser
does not exist, can i force him to download it from another distro to try wich works?
im sorry, i had almost the same troubles with ubuntu, but ubuntu was still not my flavour, i hope anybody can help me, im still googling! :)

best thanks

greetings Cyro
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