Weather Plug-in Balks After Fresh Reinstall

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Weather Plug-in Balks After Fresh Reinstall

Postby jimwg on Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:10 pm


I am moving a saved back-up Petra Mint Home folder into a fresh Maya XFCE Mint 13 install after a crash. I'm not sure whether my Home folder's XFCE configs has anything to do with it, but after I downloaded XFCE goodies, the weather plug-in balked showing on the panel, requesting I execute it or it'll be automatically removed, and when I clicked either option the weather panel pops out. (this outage also occured before reinstalling my Home folder, using the weather plug-in that was already available from the fresh Mint install proir my downloading goodies -- had I hoped the new goodies weather plugin would "overwrite" the malfunctioning orginal one).

Users told me that weather plug-in .75(?) on down is corrupt and to use the more updated one .82 on up, but I assume that my XFCE goodies download is already updated. Also when advised to update the weather plug-in separately via "sud apt-get install xfce4-weather-plug in" it stated that I have the latest version, though I don't know exactly which that is yet. Ubuntu folks lead me to a Debian repository which supposedly has "dev builds" of .83 but the installation procedures require a PhD. What I don't understand is the weather plug-in worked just fine in my Petra installation (I'm downgrading to Maya on separate issues).

Any assist would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Weather Plug-in Balks After Fresh Reinstall

Postby benali72 on Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:17 am

Xfce4 Weather Plugin website info is here --

It includes this statement -- "Attention: Please update to 0.8.3. Versions older than 0.8.0 no longer work (bug #8105), and all earlier 0.8.x versions have problems with the search dialog (bug #9636) and are no longer supported.". It includes a link to download source for latest install.

Hope this helps.
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