No more "shutdown or suspend or reboot" choice

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No more "shutdown or suspend or reboot" choice

Postby nonobio on Wed May 21, 2014 8:17 am

It is my first message and my first Mint installation.
I choose Maya 13 Xfce edition to have a lightweight and LTS edition on my old notebook.

I had a issue with suspend and i tried tlp to see if it will work better.It didn't so i uninstalled it.

Since i installed/uninstalled tlp, i can't have the prompt windows to make a choice between "reboot, shutdown, suspend..etc..", it go to power off automaticly.
Also, when i click on the start menu "disconnect", my notebook go to a locked screen that display "user will be logged in in few seconds".
Before, i had the same choice window.

I'm not sure that the issue is related to my tlp installation but i think.

Of course i checked the "ask" was the setting in "power settings" ofr "press on power button".

Thanks for your help.
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