acpi and acer aspire 532h

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acpi and acer aspire 532h

Postby anderigs on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:45 am

I just got a new netbook (acer aspire 532h) after years of using an asus eeepc 4G and despite enjoying the extra screensize (it really is amazing how 10.1 inch compares to 7inch) was wondering how come acpi was not installed by default. It also seems like my power management when running on battery is not working well and the Fn keys seem also not to work. I guess this is all related...
I am pretty sure on my eeepc acpi was installed automatically and actually everything just worked.
Any ideas why it wasn't on this box and if I should manually install?
Also trawling the web it would seem like some things in acer aspire are not fixed until the next kernel version (i.e. what would be linux mint fluxbox 10) so maybe I just have to wait.
Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom.
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Re: acpi and acer aspire 532h

Postby Seca on Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:08 pm

Have you found anything out about this? I looked around but didn't find anything too interesting. There is a driver acer-wmi that was(still is?) blacklisted on the Aspire One series.

I have this same problem. The power button and some of the fn keys don't work. I've figured out that the fn number pad does work if you hold down shift+fn+corresponding key. Brightness works and also turning off the screen and mouse pad work. Sleep, volume, bluetooth and wifi radio fn buttons do not work.
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