Altering settings in AwesomeWM? [SOLVED]

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Altering settings in AwesomeWM? [SOLVED]

Postby coolbeans777 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:39 am

Hey guys. I recently installed AwesomeWM, but I have one big problem: the mouse. It's set to click on touch, and because of the way I type, I constantly end up hitting it, and this becomes a huge nuisance for basically everything I do on my computer. What configuration file do I need to edit to disable click on touch? Also, firefox doesn't tile with my xterms, and it has this weird bird looking emblem/thing on the taskbar. Does this mean it's incompatible with tiling or something?

EDIT [solved]: Someone on /g/ told me about touchpad synaptics. The commands I used were:
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$ synclient

That gave me a list of many touchpad options that you could manipulate, so to fix it, I used the following commands
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$ synclient TapButton1=0
$ synclient TapButton2=0

TapButton1 means what to do when the touchpad is tapped by one finger, 0 means nothing, 1 would mean the equivalent of the left mouse button on an actual mouse, 2 would mean the middle button, and 3 would mean right click. I also enabled Horizontal edge scrolling with
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$ synclient HorizEdgeScrolling=1
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