<SOLVED> Can't Switch Desktops from Gnome Openbox

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<SOLVED> Can't Switch Desktops from Gnome Openbox

Postby elwood55 on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:52 am

I was experimenting with the other desktops pre-installed on Mint 12 . . I got into Gnome Openbox and now can't get to any other DE . . Using suspend will bring up switch users . .that gets me to login . .but, since I'm still the user any attempt to switch the DE doesn't work and I'm right back in Gnome Openbox . .Restarting also doesn't work, regardless of using regular or recovery mode. Any suggestions?

added 03/12 4:30pm: Figured this one out on my own . . Switched users . . logged into Gnome as guest . .went to user accounts and disabled auto-login . . was then able to log back in as administrator on GNOME . . re-enabled auto-login.
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