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Contributing to LM Project(s)

Postby KOLEGA on Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:11 am

Some personal rigmarole so if u r not interested skip to bold text
I am student of IT Science school, programming fan, etc. etc. Not important, I've done some programs using Python, GTK, Postgresql, Mysql, etc. I have some knowledge of PHP 5, HTML and basic knowledge of C...

I want to contribute and help with development, which will help me in self-improvement and it will make sense using my time for community. Just done applet (JS not for me :D ) (in Czech, so useless for u and its about 1 year old, some instead python, i would use now grep, sed, awk, etc.) :D

My idea

I have an idea about lockscreen, to create the option to change background on lock & unlock, so it means adding gschema string filename in org.cinnamon.screensaver, implementing in Python file field in cinnamon-control-center and for me the hardest part, editing cinnamon-lock-screen C code (tried and partly done)...7
This code will swap org.cinnamon.desktop.filename (hope correct path in gschema) with my org.cinnamon.screensaver.filename (so changing will be the "background string" and this results in changing background.

1)Could someone tell me, if this is good way to be this done?
2)If would be here some maintainer who would to maintain me for a short time, please PM me, it will make me very happy :)

If you find my idea above a bad one (even a stupid one) could you help me by suggesting what should i focus on? (I think that tutorials are not the right one for me this time). Recapitulation of my "skills" (sorted /little bit/ from best to worse). Python+Gtk/Mysql/PostgreSQL, PHP + HTML/CSS, and low C skills...
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Re: Contributing to LM Project(s)

Postby xenopeek on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:40 pm

The best way to get in contact with the Linux Mint developers and other developers, is to join the #linuxmint-dev IRC channel. Developers aren't much on the forums, they spend all their day hacking away on the code and talking to each other on IRC :wink: Come say hi to the team! Just open XChat from your menu and it should automatically connect you to #linuxmint-chat and #linuxmint-help IRC channels. In either then type:
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/join #linuxmint-dev

and this will join you to the #linuxmint-dev IRC channel also. Depending on time of day, it may be a bit quiet so then try a bit later or earlier again.
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