Lost ethernet connection [SOLVED]

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Lost ethernet connection [SOLVED]

Postby ogandou on Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:29 pm


I just installed Mint 16 Cinnamon on my old Inspiron 640m laptop. After install I was able to simply plug in an ethernet cable and voila, the connection worked. But no wifi. This being a laptop, I wanted to use my wireless. So I went into the device manager and activated the Broadcom 802.11 wireless driver, thinking it would activate my wireless card and allow me to connect wirelessly. Well it didn't work, still no wifi, and now the ethernet connection is not working either! I tried to go back to the device manager to revert the changes but now it's empty, the Broadcom driver has disappeared. I've tried searching google for a solution, but being a complete newbie at Linux I'm not having much luck. I booted off the live CD for now so I have ethernet access again, but what I can do to fix my install and have a wireless connection and still be able to plug in an ethernet cable when I want/need to? Any help would be very, very appreciated, I'm a little lost. Thanks!

EDIT: I reinstalled and it works again.
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