lost my lan (SOLVED)

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lost my lan (SOLVED)

Postby dduran1210 on Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:00 pm

Don't know what i did...but i did it good ! lost my LAN...was trying to configure firewall...messed up so I removed firewall.

I have 3 computers on network, 1. primary (Win7), 2. secondary(WinXP) and 3. Win7-linux.

#1 and #2 can share files with #3 win7 AND LinuxMint16. But....#3 LinuxMint16 does NOT show ANY network.

When I click on "Browse Network" , I get this error message:

"FAILED TO OPEN "/ on" . The specified location is not supported. "

Samba config is correct...nothing changed in it and was working fine.

Any ideas on what changed in LinuxMint ?

Found my answer on Google Search, no less! lol. Another had this problem and someone said: gvfs-backends has been removed, thus limiting Thunar's network browsing.

so on a whim and desire for a hamburger, I terminal(ly) installed gvfs-backends and voila...got my lan back ! Big thank to whoever
knew the answer to this problem. :D
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