How do I configure to use proxy?

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How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby camper on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:01 pm

Just installed Nadia, and believe I am having the same issue. It appears that mintinstall, mintupdate, chromium-browser all do not work with the proxy setting that I set in Control Center. I can get mintinstall to work by setting http_proxy in a root term and then running running the application. So

thomson@DAEW38 ~ $ sudo -s
[sudo] password for thomson:
DAEW38 ~ # export http_proxy=
DAEW38 ~ # mintinstall

Same for apt-get. Chromium takes and argument so I made a launcher with the --proxy-pac-url argument added to the start command. It looks like the main network proxy setting is not getting passed to root when you set it from your user login?
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Re: How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby xenopeek on Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:18 am

Split your post from viewtopic.php?f=29&t=18508 and moved it here. Please don't post support requests on the Suggestions & New Ideas forum, and please don't necrobump post older than 6 months (or 4 years here :shock:). See the forum rules.

Hopefully somebody more knowledgable about proxies can pitch in on this question. If you open Network from the menu, or by clicking the network status icon on the panel, you should be able to configure your proxy there.
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Re: How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby jerkey on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:52 am

> If you open Network from the menu, or by clicking the network status icon on the panel, you should be able to configure your proxy there.

yes that would be appropriate, except there's no option there. If i go to System > Network, there are four tabs: Connection, General, DNS, Hosts. None of them have any option to set a proxy.

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Re: How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby msnealer on Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:21 am

I have the same issue. On Mint 14 cinnamon it was there, but not on 15. I can find no settings for a proxy anywhere!!
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Re: How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby karlchen on Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:10 pm

Hello, camper, jerkey and msnealer.

Let me try to explain how to configure systemwide proxy settings on Linux Mint 13 + 14 Cinnamon desktop.
  • I choose Cinnamon because I use Cinnamon. The exact steps will really be different between desktop environments. I.e. proxy configuration and handling is still inconsistent on Ubuntu/Mint.
  • Not all programmes will care to honour the systemwide proxy settings. It is a real p.i.t.a. E.g. Firefox can use the system wide proxy settings, but you can configure a proxy in Firefox, too. Synaptic/Mintupdate cannot be bothered to honour the systemwide proxy settings. apt-get will have to be configured separately, too.
  • In case your proxy server requires logon credentials things will be more complicated.
1. Let us start with the general configuration of the systemwide proxy settings inside Network Manager:

In Cinnamon go to Menu => Preferences => Network. Inside Network select the third item, Network Proxy. Here you can specify your proxy settings manually and finally click on "Apply systemwide".

So far so good. In case your proxy requires you to enter logon credentials, then this dialogue cannot be used to enter those.
Instead we will have to use dconf-editor to enter the proxy logon credentials. - Install dconf-editor with the help of Synaptic in case dconf-editor is not present on your system.

Launch dconf-editor: Everything related to the proxy will be found below system => proxy.
In fact, provided Mint 15 really removed the basic proxy activation from the Network Manager dialogues, Mint 15 users may enter everything inside dconf-editor.

Entering proxy login credentials:
Go to system => proxy => http.
In the right pane you enter the values for authentication-user and authentication-password. Check "use authentication". Enabled should already be checked. The host field should already specify the proxy machine. And the correct port should also be present already.
Note: Mint 15 users may have to enter all parameters manually.
Directly under system => proxy the option "use same proxy" should be ticked. Means: Use the proxy settings under http for https and ftp as well. Do not worry about socks. It should not be used at all today.

All (graphical) programmes which honour the systemwide proxy settings can use your proxy now.

Webbrowsers like Firefox e.g.:
Inside Firefox go to Edit => Preferences => Network => Connections = Settings: 3rd option from top "Use the system-wide proxy settings".

2. Proxy settings for Synaptic and MintUpdate:
Good thing:
Once you have configured Synaptic to use your proxy, mintupdate will use it, too. Mintupdate is "Synaptic in disguise". (Look at the process list when mintupdate is installing updates, you will also see synaptic processes, provided you look fast enough.)

Launch Synaptic. Go to Settings => Settings => tab "Network".
You can activate (*) Manual Proxy Configuration there and enter the appropriate values for http-proxy and ftp-proxy. You can even add the credentials needed to authenticate on the proxy, in case your proxy requires an authentication.

3. Proxy settings for apt-get:
If you thought we had caught them all by now, bad luck. Synaptic and Mintupdate and Software Manager frequently launch apt-get commands. So you still need to tell apt-get how to connect to your proxy.
With root privileges create or modify the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.
Code: Select all
gksu gedit /etc/apt/apt.conf

Make sure that the file holds these lines:
In case your proxy does not require logon credentials:
Code: Select all
Acquire::http::proxy "http://proxyname:proxyport/";
Acquire::ftp::proxy "ftp://proxyname:proxyport/";

In case your proxy requires logon credentials:
Code: Select all
Acquire::http::proxy "http://username:password@proxyname:proxyport/";
Acquire::ftp::proxy "ftp://username:password@proxyname:proxyport/";

username, password, proxyname and proxyport are placeholders. You have to replace them by the values which apply on your system.

All right. To the best of my knowledge these should be the most common places where you have to configure your proxy settings.

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Re: How do I configure to use proxy?

Postby an7hr4x666 on Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:12 pm

hear m8, im pretty new too this---i had same prob it seems, but the application named 'icedtea' had all settings in there, dont know why settings for everything in this distro are spread out all over,'tho this is its only downside i find'.......
hope helps, and i werent on the wrong trackm=......
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