Mint 14 google problems, OK in Mint 13

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Mint 14 google problems, OK in Mint 13

Postby Flemur on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:04 pm

Howdy -

The excellent Mint 13 is my main install, with dual-boot Mint 14** added a few days ago.

Everything works fine in Mint 14 except some operations with google:

- With Mint 14 and firefox I can't login to google mail (get "waiting for", "waiting for", no error msgs); the login page stays there.
- With Mint 14 and firefox image search usually (almost always) hangs with a blank page. Bing image search works fine.
- With Mint 14 and firefox google maps hangs, acts weird, etc. Bing maps works fine.
- With Mint 14 and chrome I can login, but can't logout! (It acts like I never logged in - get error messages from google...which I failed to write down). I don't like chrome so this isn't much of a solution.
- With Mint 14 and thunderbird, the google email accounts work fine.

All the above work fine in Mint 13, and so far all sites NOT involving google work fine in Mint 14, except: I'm recently using hughesnet satellite, unfortunately: it seems to have a pretty high latency and if I open 20 sites in tabs at the same time typically a couple will load incompletely, until "reload" - this happens with Mint 13 and 14 and it's not much of a problem. Only google sites can't be fixed with a reload, and the incomplete pages only happen when I open a lot of pages at the same time; the google problems occur when it's the only tab/page open.

Are there any network setting that differ between Mint 13 and 14? Any other ideas?


** Edit: actually triple-boot...FF and google work perfectly under Arch :P , same ISP and hardware.
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