Configuring pager not to be "live"?

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Configuring pager not to be "live"?

Postby HippoMan on Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:43 am

I'm using Linuxmint 13 KDE.

Both Linuxmint itself and KDE are working fine for me. I'm just having an issue with the pager widget that I'm wondering if anyone can help me with.

Within the pager widget, there are "shadows" of all of the applications which are open in each virtual desktop. We're able to drag those shadows around, and this causes the corresponding applications to move around on their desktops.

I'd like to disable this functionality, because I often end up accidentally moving my application windows when all I want to do is click on a pager indicator in order to switch to a different desktop. I realize that this unwanted behavior is simply due to the clumsiness of my mouse usage; nonetheless, I'd like to disable it, since I doubt I'll be able to change the over-all dexterity of my fat fingers. :)

I can't find any options in the pager's configuration screen which controls this "live" behavior, and I'm hoping there might be some other way to turn off this functionality.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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