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Noob idea to promote

Postby Mangar on Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:30 pm

Have a few contests "tit for tat"

- free advertisement create some banners
You must have a bunch of web developers here and site owners! Even members that can stick a logo in their avatars on other forums for visibility.

example banners or badges....

Badges, I am a "Linux mint user, you can too" link back to a OFFICIAL down load site or OFFICIAL intro video

Banners like - Free wall paper and or contests, choose a winner of the month which wall paper gets downloaded the most.
1. Will draw in visibility even from the web of none users which will see how much the Mint community thrives
2. People will see the popularity of the downloads or votes towards a choice.
3. Each month the winner gets to be placed (gloat) the most popular wall paper of the month or downloads.

Banners like - themes such as wall papers same concept.

Banners like - games, most down loaded abandon ware, Dosbox, playonlinux, wine, or Native Linux.
- Just make sure your have Linux games in the works show so web visitor that are NOT Linux users, sees Linux popularity among others.

My opinion and experience people will browse and try free things weather it be free games, wallpapers, themes and add ons. But you need a localized location to overwhelm them on what they are missing or going to be missing.

People that are stuck in a windows world have blinders on not to even click Linux links or even waste a minute to look at it because it will not work on their machine.

If you post free stuff like wall papers or other things that Window user or Mac users could use and take, you Mint win a minute in the back of those people who see Linux Mint website and the popularity of users, support.
So every time they pop open the windows desktop knowing I got this wall paper over at that Linux Mint OS website!

Have you FAQ's how hard is it to install and run Linux Mint Vid, If i was a first timer and seen it can be done in 5 minutes, I might watch a 5 minute video "Hmmm, that is quick and simple, maybe I might try it this weekend"

All Honesty I only came here because my XP OS crashed, but think of all those who never even saw a video, I work at a power plant and global company, In the break room I asked over 50 people in a 12 hr shift and not one person even thought Linux had an alternative OS. That means Mint needs more visibility, and FREE visibility is better than no visibility.

You need to promote some free universal items AT the same time display the popularity and eye catching Mint and that they take something away with Mint on it as a reminder !!!!

Idea: Have an open contest, starts in 1 month make a theme challenge or wallpaper challenge with stuff done in graphic or other Linux applications, that is another way non Linux visitors can visit and go "Wow I did not know Linux could do that!!"

Dress it to impress the pubic !!! Plant that seed in the back of their mind "I have an out option, and it will be Mint" Coin some phrases like that!!!

Here's another: I have two kids in middle school and High school, Both of them I am going to teach Linux to use. The school wants parents to buy M$ word a lot of $$$$ but none of them knew it can be done on Linux. Start some banners or something that has back to school SEO and show what Libra can do and how it is an alternative. << That could be used on a website how to save money, or the those Mom and Dad sites that help parents make ends meet by stretching the dollar! Or making a old home pc into a family business computer for school.
Life after Windows! the future looks MINT!
completely new to Linux here is a quick overall for 1st timers Lingo curve
Alternative applications to what Windows users do things
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