[SOLVED] Power save (80% screen dim )(laptop)

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[SOLVED] Power save (80% screen dim )(laptop)

Postby crypto on Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:12 pm

there was a power save else where ... but i think this is different ..
i'll go thru it here as best as i can remember ..

I installed LXDE the newest last night, worked fine power save worked fine all was great .... played around for a bit, (changed NO settings at all -- only installed eric ide, and bum)

then i booted windows 7 to make sure it did it's stupid chkdsk, windows 7 updated ... fixed my Bluetooth driver, which has never worked until now in windows, but has always worked in Linux ...

booted back into LXDE and now --- the screen about 1/4 of the way thru the boot -- goes to 3 % ... and it's *very* hard to see ... i Bi%^eD out microcrap, they clam it's not there fault... however my other Linux mint 12 install, on the same laptop has the same problem now as well ... and it never has before...

For whatever reason, both installs the mint 12 install and the LXDE installed fixed themselves after a reinstall of the graphics driver .... not to sure how that got changed or messed up.... but it's working fine again .... YA !

funny how Linux works sometimes....

and now i have completely removed windows and i;m never installing it again... games be damned it's all i used it for and wine has is covered now for anything i want to play ,, :) i less windows user Linux +1
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