Lxterminal in a certain size consistently: How to

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Lxterminal in a certain size consistently: How to

Postby titetanium on Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:24 pm

Ok, I did some google fu to find out how to set lxterminal a certain size. The reason for this is because I like using the artwiz font set (don't ask, I just love these) and most of the fonts in that set are bitmapped fonts size 10. No biggie, in eterm, this was easy to set, but lxterminal wasn't consistent if I put created a modified lxterminal.desktop file with the settings I wanted.

Anyway, moving on....I looked up this page and this page for ideas. Neither one did exactly what i wanted and I didn't want to use another program to set the terminal size.

So I did this instead, opened a terminal and typed:
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sudo su
cd /usr/bin
mv lxterminal lxterminal.sh
mcedit lxterminal

In the file I put the following:
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lxterminal.sh --geometry=100x30
and saved the file.
Next I chmod +x lxterminal and I was done.
Now I have all my lxterminal set to that size consistently. no muss, no fuss.

Hope this helps someone. :D
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