2nd Panel Observation

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2nd Panel Observation

Postby DataMan on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:29 am

I'm in the process of configuring Mint LXDE as a potential replacement production ops (currently using Mint 10 Gnome - end of life cycle support fast approaching). One of the things that I need for my environment is a 2 panel desktop. The top panel contains icon short cut application launchers for the heavy use apps.

The problem that I ran into with LXDE is that every time I added a top panel and started configuring it, on subsequent re-boots, I would loose the bottom panel. I found no way to bring the bottom panel back to life. Fortunately, I made progressive partition backups (fsarchiver) so it was easy to use a previous restore point.

I read a few post on doing a lot of hacking as a work-around. I may have found a much easier solution that appears to work. At the login screen, I changed from the default desktop to the Mint LXDE desktop. Using this desktop option, I have been able to add a top panel, configure it and have both panels live past subsequent re-boots.

I don't know the specifics of the technicalities involved, but thought I'd pass my observations along as a possible fix to the 2 panel situation.

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