CLI login prompt does not accept å,ä,ö in username

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CLI login prompt does not accept å,ä,ö in username

Postby Aqualize on Thu May 31, 2012 4:26 am


At the office I've put up a few Linux Mint 12 Lisa (Gnome) 64-bit machines. One of the user's name starts with an 'å' character (Swedish name). As it is 2012 and I wanted to challenge the system I decided to create the account with 'å' instead of writing it with 'a'.
Logging in graphically works fine. But if the user press ctrl+alt+F# to get to the CLI login prompt non of the keys å,ä,ö responds when just typing the username. Other special characters as ?, - etc. are in their correct places so I'm quite sure the login prompt accept it as a swedish keyboard layout (using english layout on a swedish keyboard gets those and a few more characters moved around).
While logged in the user can write sudo login in a terminal and now typing the username works.
Note that I mean that when pressing the 'å'-key on the keyboard it doesn't get printed on the username prompt. It is not that it fails to lookup the account after one has pressed ENTER. Note that we have tested to just write the username and ignore that the character isn't displayed (I speculated that it might recoginize the key that was pressed but was unable to print it on the screen), but that login attempt failed.

I have installed "PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition" which lets the computer join a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain for using one source of user accounts. But I can not see that it would affect this part. If I could type the name including the 'å' and press ENTER and it failed I can understand that it could be the cause. And just now I went to an old Ubuntu-machine that doesn't use this Identity Service and it neither could use å,ä,ö at the login prompt. Perhaps not distribution specific problem but does someone know the cause and possible fix to this?

The problem is not so big in reality, the user is a novice and will be using the graphical enivorment nearly all the time. I'm not looking for a solution answer like "don't use å,ä,ö in usernames".

Thanks in advance!
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