Missing apps/settings after a dist-upgrade?

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Missing apps/settings after a dist-upgrade?

Postby distobj on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:34 am

Hi all. Just installed Mint 13 on my new laptop a couple of weeks ago, and somewhere along the line I lost the "Brightness and Lock" app, at least from the menu. As I can't manually adjust the brightness with the usual fn+F keys (still working on that problem), that app was the only way I could do it. Any idea what I might have done to screw things up? I haven't made any big permanent changes, though I did back out (ppa-purge) from using both xorg-edgers and ubuntu-x-swat.


Edit; Figured it out. I also noticed that none of the "settings" entries on the panel widgets worked, and since I knew that the audio one was gnome-sound-applet, and that it came from gnome-control-center, I installed it (it was in "deinstall" state). It fixed all those problems, including brightness/lock . I figure that package must have been de-installed by an errant dist-upgrade (which I've just read I shouldn't generally be using on Mint).

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