Desktop Runs Outside The Margins of Screen

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Desktop Runs Outside The Margins of Screen

Postby Joltz on Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:00 am

I've been having some strange problems with my netbook recently but I'm not entirely sure if it's a software or hardware problem...

Currently I am using an Asus Eee 1015PE netbook, dual-booting Windows 7 and Linux Mint 13. I have just freshly installed Mint 13; previously, I was running Mint 12.

I was having a lot of odd problems with Mint 12 before wiping it from my netbook. It was freezing frequently, particularly when I closed my netbook while it was running. When I would reopen the netbook, it would crash and give me lines of errors, or the desktop would appear but not display the Activities menu when clicked, or the screen would just go solid white. In these cases, I had to force my computer to shut down.

During one occasion when the screen turned white, I rebooted a couple times before I could get Grub to start. When it did, however, I noticed that the normal "countdown" till Linux loaded was not visible. In fact, the list of OSes to boot seemed to descend to the bottom of my physical screen. Whether I booted Windows 7 or Mint 12 or Mint 13, they all appear like this. In Windows, the start bar is out of view (though if I drag my mouse offscren and click I can get the start menu to open), same with Mint.

I wondered if it was a Mint problem at first due to all the crashes. Now I am wondering if it is either an issue with Grub or my video card, or the forced restarts somehow screwed up the whole system. Has anyone encountered this before? Advice?
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