Laptop with random problems as not shutting down.

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Laptop with random problems as not shutting down.

Postby eowyn113 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:35 am

I have linux mint 15 mate installed on both my computers.
I run a 32 bits linux on my desktop, a 6 year-old custom-made computer, it works well.
I run a 64 bits linux on my laptop, an ASUS series X (X501A), it works quite well but sometimes it has problems. Processor is a dual core Intel celeron B830 1,8GHz ; 4 Go RAM. Kernel 3.8.0-19 ; 64 bits.
Well, sometimes I cannot shut down or restart or set sleep mode to my laptop ("en veille" in french : different from hibernating, but a little similar, the microprocessor stops making noise and information in RAM isn't deleted). The computer keeps making noise, doens't shut down and the mint logo is still displayed. Then I have to push for about 6 seconds the on/off button to shut it off.
Twice in 6 months, when the computer was in sleep mode and I've liften up the top part to quit tue sleep mode, the processor went wild or something, it made a very strong noise, as a fan turning very quick, then I panicked and shut down laptop by pushing for about 6 seconds the on/off button. Or some things when no sound when turning on, then it's ok when restarting my laptop, not troublesome but it never happens on my desktop. The wild processor is kinda troubling me.
I hope there isn't any similar thread.
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