Sluggish new install

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Sluggish new install

Postby aahepp on Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:45 am

I put a new SSD into my trading pc and loaded up a new install of Mint 16 Mate x64. This pc houses 8 XEON 2.33GHz cores (2 physical 4 cores each physical), 10GB of ram, and support 10 monitors. (2) NVS440s (4 monitors support each card) and a NVS 285. I used the Nvidia 304 driver included and was able to set up all the monitors in their configuration using xinerama.

What I have noticed is that this machine is extremely slow and sluggish opening up anything. Since this is just used for stock trading the only thing I run is firefox to launch the java applett. IceTea takes about 3 minutes before it will even begin to load up the java program.

I thought it may be the video causing the problems but the movement between desktops is snappy and crisp. I had the "Resource Monitor" open and notice that even idle there was cores spiking to 100% with just a fresh reboot. Never was able to find the process that was causing these spikes.

So for the time being I had to go back to my Windows 7 boot to be able to trade for the days until I can figure this one out.

Any way to troubleshoot which processes are slowing this thing to a crawl with nothing running or installed.
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Re: Sluggish new install

Postby computerbob on Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:35 am

Look at processes in system monitor.
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