Chinese character display issue

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Chinese character display issue

Postby garion on Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:19 am

First of all, I just tried out Mint yesterday, and like it a lot. Very nice work by the crew here, I think you really got the right beat for a great desktop system, thanks!

Almost everything works right out of box or is just a few mouse clicks away from working perfectly on my Dell 1505 laptop. I tried to uninstall all languages and kept only English and Chinese. For the Chinese characters to display correctly, I copied over some Windows fonts and Arial Unicode font into ~/.fonts. I had no problem using the system with English interface while reading and input Chinese with scim and im-switch. When I tried to switch the default system language to Chinese, the majority of programs and menus displays perfectly. A few programs however are showing total gibberish, to name a few examples: Language Support, Login Screen and Synaptics in Control Center. The display in these programs looks as if Chinese fonts are not present, but I know they are there and work fine in everything else and in webpages.

I haven't exhaustively searched which ones are having trouble (I have no need for Chinese menus, but hey, since Mint is becoming so easy to use, why can't I have my grandpa use it too :lol:) I figure I'd mention it here, so maybe someone can propose a solution to this.

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