Question about remastersys and VirtualBox

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Question about remastersys and VirtualBox

Postby Harrie on Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:32 am

Hi. I'm using Linux Mint 2.2 Bianca Full Edition (Gnome). Haven't done any upgrading so I'm still classed Edgy. (Awaiting Cassandra with excitement :D )

Here's my question: On the wiki for remastersys, it says:

If you use any virtualizing software that creates virtual hard drives, it is advised that you delete these before trying to create the backup live cd/dvd, especially if they have data on them. If they do not have data on them, they will compress small but will expand fully when installing to the hard drive thus increasing install time and the space required. If you just use the dist option, it doesn't matter since the /home folder will be excluded anyway.

I understand that it is advised and I understand why, but will remastersys not work or give an error if I don't remove my virtual drive? I used VirtualBox. I have a virtual Windows 2000 on my Mint and I don't really want to have to do it all over again, but I will if I have to. As far as data on the virtual, I only installed about two programs, that's it.

I am really the most satisfied that I have ever been with my current Mint installation and the way I have everything working. Through my several- month experience starting with Ubuntu Dapper, I know what it is to wipe everything out during an upgrade or other maneuver, and, not being very knowledgeable yet, not really knowing how to straighten it out. When I do get Cassandra, in case of a problem I don't want everything going kaput. So I want remastersys and I want to back up my home folder too. (It's time for me to start learning how to do this anyway, even without an upgrade around the corner).

Thank you for any advice.
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