A few Topic Suggestions and...

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A few Topic Suggestions and...

Postby Bill_MI on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:20 pm

I'm a new listener catching up on some great stuff. Good work, guys!

How about some categories like email clients, panel widgets, Konky! (a recent plaything of mine), Wine, VirtualBox.

A special note to someone I identify with perfectly: Rob, we're about the same age. You sound like every Unix sysadmin I've ever known. :wink: LMDE "incoming" isn't really "Debian testing". It's quite filtered but acting like a beta for "latest" yet just as dry since August 30. I hope these talented guys can get some time on it, the concept is awesome.... please don't fail me LMDE, you're too good to fail.

Oh yeah... and... please humor this old guy's pet peeves?...
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