After booting only console, no logon screen displayed

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After booting only console, no logon screen displayed

Postby c.monty on Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:45 am


I have recently upgraded to Kernel 3.10-2-686-pae and installed NVIDIA driver, too.
The driver installation finished without errors and I rebooted the machine.

However, the boot process ends with the login console (black screen where I have to enter user name and password).

I checked if mdm is running, and this is confirmed by /etc/init.d/mdm status.
Seems like Cinnamon is not starting automatically.

When I enter startx in the console, the desktop launches and I can use it with one restriction:
The shutdown applet is not working, means I cannot shutdown, reboot, etc. the machine from the applet.

Instead I must shutdown the machine from terminal using sudo shutdown -Ph now.

Can you please help me to fix these issues?

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