What are my chances running LMDE

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What are my chances running LMDE

Postby LinuxN00bTM on Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:29 am

I recently bought a new laptop,"asus vivobook c550cb",pretty good laptop with some decent specs,the only thing that is horrible about it,is windows 8 :cry:
i used to run LMDE alongside with windows 7 and everything was fine..
i downloaded the latest mate edition,made a bootable usb stick,disable secure boot and launched csm in order to choose boot from usb..
i was able to enter to the lmde desktop,but whenever i try to install all kinds of problems begin to happen
thats how my disk management appear,the laptop has a 24gb kingston ssd with windows loaded on it,
i want to install lmde on the 25gb unallocated space
i tried more than 3 installs,after mint finish installing it wont restart and when i turn on windows 8 again the partition where lmde was installed looks blank and if you try to access it,a format message box appears.
Is there any chance to dual boot these 2 operating systems together,or with windows 8 on top of its ugliness you got no chance of booting other operating systems.
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