Installation on an LVM system

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Installation on an LVM system

Postby bluelupo on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:19 am

only once previously, the new LMDE is really very good. Now to my problem I have with the installation. I would like to install the LMDE in a LVM (Logical Volume Manager) system.

I've manually before invoking the installer of a PV, a volume group and create some logical volumes (see next listing).

Code: Select all
# lvs
   LV VG Attr LSIZE Origin Snap% Move Log Copy% Convert
   LVboot VGsys-wi-ao 256.00 m
   LVhome VGsys-wi-ao 5,00 g
   LVopt VGsys-wi-ao 1,00 g
   LVroot VGsys-wi-ao 1,00 g
   LVswap VGsys-wi-ao 2,00 g
   LVtmp VGsys-wi-ao 512.00 m
   LVusr VGsys-wi-ao 4,00 g
   LVvar VGsys-wi-ao 3,00 g

Then created all the ext4 file systems with the command mkfs.etx4 and creates the swap devices and enabled.

After that I started the installer and wanted in as root device partitioning my root logical volume selection. Unfortunately I do there always just /dev/sda1 select a device. With the installer is at all an installation on LVM devices possible or what am I doing wrong?

I usually have no problems installing and setting up a LVM system because I have placed many systems so (eg Debian or aptosid).


PS: Sorry for my bad English. I hope all understand what I wrote above.
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Re: Installation on an LVM system

Postby wayne128 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:33 am

No experience on LVM yet.

However you might be interested on this link
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