Problem new LMDE installer!

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Problem new LMDE installer!

Postby seeley on Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:29 pm

1. Swap
It took a long time to find out how to make sure, that swap works:
During installation you have to mount (!) the partition as swap - never before I've heard that.

2. Boot flag
You have to set a boot flag in some cases (which ones?)?
As shibby's thread showed, this seemed to be the solution in case of a SSD drive.
(Or should it depend on the BIOS?)
So I've tested Fedora, because that installer had set a boot flag on my old notebook:

Code: Select all
sudo parted -l print

Code: Select all
hard disk
 5      49,6GB  50,7GB  1119MB  logical   linux-swap(v1)
 8      50,7GB  55,0GB  4294MB  logical   ext4            boot
 9      55,0GB  57,2GB  2147MB  logical   ext4

Generic USB Flash Disk (scsi)
 1      1049kB  4045MB  4044MB  primary  fat32        boot

Boot flag on rootFedora (/dev/sda8) and flash (/dev/sdb1)

With GParted/ Partition/ Manage Flags I removed the boot flag on sda8

Code: Select all
 8      50,7GB  55,0GB  4294MB  logical   ext4

and after reboot Fedora was starting without problem!

BTW: The openSuse installer offers to set a boot flag - but not on a main page during installation.

3. GRUB"2" - that's my name for an unfinished boot loader:

I always install a tripelboot - Windows preinstalled - with Linux1 (e.g. *Ubuntu, Sabayon, Mint with GRUB"2" into MBR )
and Linux2 with Grub (legacy or "2") into the root partition of Linux2.

My notebook is out of order (entire hardware); so I only could test GRUB until version 1.97 - the bugs:

a) Mistaking VISTA for Recovery
b) Generating a wrong menuentry concerning PCLinuxOS; conclusion: you only could start PCL (as second Linux) after having edited the grub.cfg (e.g.) of the first Linux.
Although the bugs were well-known nothing happened - or? I could not test v. 1.98 or higher!

4. Mounting DATA partition
I mounted my data exchange partition, typing "/media/DATA", but I got no ICON and could not access the files.

Some user are annoyed with lacking of "install alongside"; that's not my position, because I don't trust any automatism.
OpenSuse has the best installer and the LMDE one could grow to the second best.

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