LMDE installer silently removes Julia's user directories

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LMDE installer silently removes Julia's user directories

Postby oysterboy on Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:39 pm

In April, I posted about a possible bug in LMDE's installer :


Just for the record, I reproduced the bug a few days ago, when trying for a second time to install LMDE. My /home partition has different directories, one for each distro (e.g. /home/opensuse, /home/fedora, etc...). My Mint 10 users are in /home/mint/julia/. When I install LMDE, and choose to reuse this /home partition, the LMDE user is created in /home, and /home/mint is removed by the installer :shock: . Other sub-directories of /home are not affected.
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Re: LMDE installer silently removes Julia's user directories

Postby dawgdoc on Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:41 pm

This must be an inconsistent bug. Earlier this month I installed LM9 and LMDE 201101 32 bit on a desktop computer and had no problems.

i first installed LM9 32 bit. I created a /boot partition and / for LM9 as primary partitions, then in an extended partition I created a logical /home to use as a shared partition for both editions. When I installed LMDE I used the manual partition option (I think that was available). LMDE has its own / partition as a logical partition. It shares the /home with LM9, I made sure I did not select the format option for this partition. At install I created a slightly different username than I did for LM9; dr4dpet-lm9 vs dr4pdet-lmd. Also during the install of LMDE I set the bootloader to go in its / partition rather than the MBR. With LM9 I had already set Grub to boot from the MBR and wanted to keep it this way.

I hope some of this sheds light on the issue.

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