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New releases

Postby inp3dance on Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:57 am


I'm planning to reformat and repartition my hard drive and I'd like to put Mint on it, a clean install, right now it is a mess with multiple distributions, multiple home folders, etc. I'd like to use LMDE because of systemd, and because of the less bloated and faster Debian base. I use KDE and XFCE desktops, maybe Gnome2. Sometimes I have all three installed, and when I get bored with one, I switch. But this was a bit offtopic.
My question is, when will new releases of LMDE will be available? I know I can install the old ones and update, but last time I did, the Xfce 4.6 -> 4.8 transition messed up my menus and some other stuff too. I think I even wrote about that in this forum. So I really don't see a reason to install Xfce 4.6, Xorg 1.9 and make a major version change, it is simpler, cleaner, and, from my experience - not only from LMDE - even safer to install the right, updated packages.
So, if it will be soon a new LMDE release, be it Gnome or Xfce in a time period of about 2 weeks, I will wait for it, otherwise I think I will try netinstall Debian testing and add the Mint repos.
Can somebody update me with infos? Thank you!

Oh, another offtopic: what about Mint KDE ( the one based on Kubuntu )? When it will be released? I'm considering that too, I don't know how responsible and fast is a Kubuntu KDE. I can use an RC release too, I'm not a new linux user, I can handle some breaks.

Thank you again!
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Re: New releases

Postby amina on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:03 am


As Clem wrote in the June stats,

"All the new features and improvements released in Linux Mint 11 were made available to LMDE. Firefox 5 was also released for LMDE and Thunderbird 5 will follow. We’re currently working on a new update mechanism and a fork of mintupdate dedicated to Debian. A new 100Gbps server was recently acquired to host what will become the new LMDE repositories. Improvements are also planned on the installer and the ISOs will get a respin in July."

Regarding the new update system please see his post in the breakages post:

clem wrote:In terms of ETA, it's hard to say, it could be a week or two.

In the meantime, I would recommend to be conservative on the updates you take, especially with Gnome 3 around the corner.
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