ibus input method does not return to system default

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ibus input method does not return to system default

Postby jon- on Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:46 pm

My default language is English. But I input short strings of Chinese or Japanese very often, every day, in several different apps. In the past, when I switched to a new app/window the input method would revert to my system default, English. Now, whatever language, Chinese or Japanese, is set as the default in ibus comes up. I must switch off the input engine with 'control space' to return to English. Not a big deal, you may think, but it turns out to be extremely annoying over a long work day, especially because I usually forget to hit control space BEFORE I start typing, and have to delete a bunch of gibberish in addition to making the 'control space' switch and the retype the previous string.

If I could set English as the default input method in ibus, that would help. But so far I see no way to do that. And I must have Chinese and Japanese input methods handy for frequent use.

I found a thread on Red Hat Bugzilla (bug 847726) about this where the developer failed to appreciate the problem, and closed the discussion as not a bug. But, like the op there, I find this to be an extremely annoying "feature", and wonder if anyone can think of a way around it? I'm not sure if the source of the problem is ibus or gnome 3. In either case, would it be possible to correct or work around this behavior on Linux Mint? (Not a programmer, so have to plead ignorance.)

Finally, I want to say how deeply appreciative I am for Linux Mint's (especially LMDE's) major effort, through mate and cinnamon, to make it possible for me to continue to work efficiently. After Gnome 3 shell rendered my approach (nine multiple workspaces (via the workspace switcher), dual screens, one main menu, my most-used app icons always one click away on a toolbar, and the current windows of each workspace listed in a separate toolbar) obsolete, LMDE and Mate came to the rescue.

Thank you!

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