very strange font problems in fbterm after UP5

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very strange font problems in fbterm after UP5

Postby djimenez on Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I installed UP5 a couple of days ago and (after a 3 GB download) the upgrade went without a hiccup.

Very recently after the update I noticed that the Fbterm (the awesome framebuffer terminal emulator with cool fonts and background images) had a very strange problem with the font rendering. I realize there are others having problems with their fonts after UP5, but my symptoms differ as I don't have problems within XFCE.

The font is readable but it would seem as if the spacing was off somehow. The letters seem to have a couple extra pixel lines at the edges. I don't know how to take a screenshot from the framebuffer. Help with this would also be appreciated.

I regularly work from within Fbterm as I happen to code much more effectively there so this is very troubling for my work.

Can anyone help me identify the problem? I am a bit lost here.

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