hpodder (or perhaps curl) problem in LMDE

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hpodder (or perhaps curl) problem in LMDE

Postby Piilen on Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:38 pm

Hi, I'm trying to migrate to LMDE but have hid the following snag.
I use hpodder to follow some podcasts, and this has worked fine under the main version of Linux Mint.
But under LMDE hpodder refuses to fetch a Danish podcast (whose name contains letters outside the ASCII alphabet), but works just fine for the other podcasts.
This is the feed address:

When I run the hpodder command I get the following error message:
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Get: 1.1 Sproghjørnet - Mon 21-08-06                                           
 *** 1.1: Message on http://podcast.dr.dk/p4/sproghjoernet/2006/Sproget_332006.mp3:
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404

 *** 1.1: Error downloading

If I try downloading the url mentioned in the error message using curl it works - no error 404.
like this:
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curl http://podcast.dr.dk/p4/sproghjoernet/2011/Sproget_062011.mp3 >t.mp3

So it seems to be curl that is misunderstanding something.

And it works fine in Linux Mint 9, any ideas about what to try?
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