Gnome-sudoku appearance changed

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Gnome-sudoku appearance changed

Postby feffer on Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:31 pm

About a month ago, the familiar gnome-sudoku uncolored grid appearance changed after an update. The new appearance has random colors in the squares. I find this annoying and liked the former appearance better. I see no way to change this in the gui settings. Under Ubuntu, gnome-sudoku still has the original uncolored appearance. I tried re-installing and even copying the app from my Ubuntu install, but the colored squares remain. Is there a configuration setting in Mint that controls this? How can I restore the original uncolored squares?

The gnome-sudoku forum has a post about this issue, and basically says ver 3.02 is problematic but it's fixed in 3.2x. However the Mint repo has ver 3.02 and I could find no way to download 3.2x Any help here would be appreciated, because the gnome-sudoku is quite inactive.
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