Cairo Dock in LMDE - Not What I'm used to...

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Cairo Dock in LMDE - Not What I'm used to...

Postby VtPoet on Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:00 pm

I'm used to Cairo Dock on the Ubuntu Side.

For example (on the Ubuntu side): When firefox is open (and there is a firefox launcher) the launcher doubles as an "active application" indicator. No matter how many instances of firefox I have open, there will only be one firefox icon on the bar. If I click on it, a sub-men pops up and I can choose which open instance of firefox I want.

On the LMDE side: There is a weird (to me) app indicator at the bottom of the dock. This is where icons for running apps are parked. The launchers *only* operate as launchers. If I click on a launcher, rather than bringing up the already opened instance of firefox (let's say), a *new* instance will be opened and yet another firefox icon will be added to the "running apps" area. This all feels very clumsy to me.

Question: Is this because Debian is using an older version of Cairo Dock? If so,what's the best way to "modernize cairo dock? If not, is there some Cairo Preference or Configuration I'm missing?
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