Compositing: Transparent Window Underlying Image

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Compositing: Transparent Window Underlying Image

Postby lmde_box on Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:43 am

Hello, Mint! Just installed a fresh Mint Debian Edition XFCE and I must say I am very impressed. Very clean and easy to use. Nice eye-candy without being too heavy. I have everything set up how I like, but have a small issue with the compositor. I set the unfocused windows to be partly transparent and the image that shows through is the default LMDE desktop image. How do I get this image to go away? I would prefer for the transparency to show the underlying windows/desktop. Barring that I would like an image of my choice.

In a similar vein, the terminal doesn't show through to the desktop image when I set it partly transparent. It instead shows the underlying window(s). I would prefer for it to show the desktop image a la Ubuntu. I currently have an image of my choice showing through, that's easy enough to do.

I'm not totally new to GNU/Linux, so feel free to throw some command line or system file wizardry at me.

In exchange, cats.

*Edit: The problem is partially solved. Turns out that Nautilus was the culprit. Nautilus has a bug when used in Mint that makes the desktop stuck at the default. How that is possible is strange. I was using Nautilus because Thunar doesn't like to open my network share drive. Argh! If it's not one thing it's another... These are both known bugs and will hopefully be repaired soon. pyNeighborhood in conjunction with Thunar makes it work.

I am not marking the thread solved, though. I would still like to know how to get the terminal emu to show the desktop when transparency is set.
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