Picasa / Gthumb/ USB Camera detection problem

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Picasa / Gthumb/ USB Camera detection problem

Postby gyozu on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:32 pm

Running Linux Mint 12 64bit dual boot .
System is running fine.

Picasa cannot find Canon A470 Powershot to import photos from the Verbatim MicroSD card 2GB when using the USB hookup.
When I hook camera up to USB port on computer it shows a Canon Icon.
Gthumb is able to import from card while in camera.
No problems with Picasa if I use card reader.

Picasa does not seem to recognize the card inside the camera.

I checked Canon, but no drivers there.

My cameras communication settings are listed in the manual as MTM and PTP(?). no way to change these settings.

One thing I don't understand is where is my camera mounted. It does not show up on /Desktop or /media
I was looking for it with Nautilus and it shows up on the right pane. as gphoto2://[usb:001,006]/ What does that mean.

This is not a major problem, but I would like to understand it better and it would avoid some extra shuttling around of images.
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