LMDE + Cinnamon +ATI FirePro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro

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LMDE + Cinnamon +ATI FirePro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro

Postby cmundi on Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:27 pm

Does anybody have this setup working?

I need to run LMDE. Read that as, Ubuntu does not suit my purposes; I need actual Debian.

Dell Precision M4600 LAPTOP with ATI FirePro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro

I created a fresh VirtualBox VM and booted it from the LMDE LiveCD. Works great. Then I opted to install LMDE on the VM. Graphics are messed up so badly I can't get a reliable terminal emulator or even logout. I have to kill the VM to regain control. True, LMDE does complain on desktop instantiation about no 3D accel and possible driver problems but offers no actionable advice. I have tried booting the VM with and without 3D accel enabled in VirtualBox, and it makes no difference.

FYI, logging in with a Default GNOME session is stable but of course not pretty and uses only about 2/3 of my screen -- not surprising for a driver issue -- but at least it's stable.

Any ideas? I'd like to get drivers that are stable enough for Cinnamon and use the whole screen.

Thanks. By the way, if anyone is wondering why I don't want to use Olivia, it's because I agree with the Mint folks that the Ubuntu style up upgrading distros is dangeous (learned the hard way years ago) but I don't think Mint has it exactly right yet either. I need both home directories and server configurations preserved across distro upgrades. The builtin Backup tool is nice but not ideal. So a semi-rolling updates (LMDE) is ideal for me!

Hoping to get LMDE + Cinnamon going with stable video in a VM Real Soon Now!


UPDATE! Never mind. I see that this video apapter is unsupported by the AMD drivers,
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