Can't mount the microSD card on my cell phone

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Can't mount the microSD card on my cell phone

Postby BostonPeng on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:09 pm

Yesterday I picked up a miniUSB cable for my Samsung Restore (Virgin Mobile) but when I tried to plug it into my laptop with LMDE with UP3 and KDE I see the notification window pop up to show the new device but it immediately closes, and I get in an endless loop of that behavior until I disconnect form the phone itself. I brought the phone and cable back to the store I bought the cable from and it works beautifully on their Windows box but I can't get it mounted for anything with LMDE. I tried Googling to see if there's something I need to do in Linux but can't find anything. I can move the microSD card to my digital media player to transfer files to the card but it's a royal pain to do that, plus I lost one microSD card when it fell off the table I put it on and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas what I'm missing?
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