Returning to default ATI drivers and setting resolution

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Returning to default ATI drivers and setting resolution

Postby Niks on Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:58 am

The story :arrow:
ATI Radeon x1650 Graphics Card.
Two Acer monitors attached ( Resolution 1440 x 900 )
My LMDE 64 PC does see both screens but only shows one as a 1440 x 900
In my search to correct this problem I tried the ATI / AMD Catalyt software which says it supports my card .
In LMDE this is not the case oops I broke my toy :oops:

I can't seem to get rid of of something in the system as my "monitors in control centre" no longer works correctly. ie can not change res / monitor not recognised at all and no rotation possible. :cry:

I use all the instructions I found in here but like I say some thing has gone wrong. :roll:

A command to reinstall default drivers would be nice and some help on how to set the monitor settings by hand would be wonderful. :D
I want to have both screens cloned in 1440 X 900 rotated 90ᵒ :mrgreen:


Just installed
Code: Select all
using synaptic package manager .

This solved the detection ( of one monitor ) and allows me to rotate screen again. So that got rid of the last bit of the ATI Catalyst experiment. :D
Now it's the second monitor settings that need to be resolved which is not common to both ATI/AMD and Nvidia cards and drivers.

Just found out that after rotation it's really really slow with refreshing screen :( you tube is jerky :( .......


Discovered the extension cables I had been using were not completely wired one to one :( ....
Now both monitors are recognised but in 90ᵒ rotation re Tracing is still very slow!

Out of interest I tried the Nivdia card but that still does not recognise both monitors, However it is fast in both normal and 90ᵒ modes.

Decided to try and fix that problem first now.

Any comments would be very welcome :mrgreen: y's
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