installer offers acess to only one physical HDD [resolved]

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installer offers acess to only one physical HDD [resolved]

Postby groggin on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:19 pm

hello - I've a fresh install of LMDE12, -201109- gnome 64 bit, problem is, i have partitions ready for linux installs on 2 physical internal HDDs, the root partition being on one and the home patrtition on the other. now the installer demands that you pick one HDD for instalation, which i did, and allowed the install to continue, so my question is, how do i tell LMDE 12 to move the /home folder to the awaiting empty partition?
thanks! :)

[edit] okay, spent some more time pooking around, sry i didn't do so sooner, seems i'm not alone, there is an answer given here:

not sure how to rightly go about it, could someone explain that a little more carefully?

[edit2] couldn't sit still so i dLed the prev version, that i read somewhere here can install to 2 HDDs, and sure enough, works! 'course now updating was (is- i'm still updating) a little rough, at first update manager couldn't do anything because of broken packages, but did the first couple 'o dozen one or two at a time, after i had pared it down to under 1,000 updates its running fine :D
hope this helps someone :wink:
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