Wifi disconnects every few minutes once connected to skype

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Wifi disconnects every few minutes once connected to skype

Postby Ubulindy on Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:17 pm

Wireless has been disconnecting in both Mint 16 Cinnamon and LMDE Cinnamon every few mins. as soon as I launch skype The reason I have deduced this has something to do with skype is because when I launch skype, the icon goes grey and starts circling around and then reconnects. A second later I get a pop up saying wireless has been disconnected, and I have to repeatedly put in my password for the wireless. To make sure this is skype related I have done the following, through looking on other threads, ect, to narrow things down. I read in one thread this is a power management problem, so I do the following:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off

cd /etc/pm/power.d

(created a wireless file in the /etc/pm/power.d directory)

sudo pico /etc/pm/power.d/wireless (or any editor or open /ect/pm/power.d as root)

(placed a bit of code into the file I created)


/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 power off

Save file and close

No go, wireless still disconnecting as soon as I launch skype.
Next, I thought hmm maybe the correct driver isnt installed even tho it says it is. I have an MSI GT 60 0C-US laptop that uses Atheros AR9462 and Atheros Killer E2200 Game Networking for ethernet. I went and grabbed the proprietary drivers from here: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/NETWOR ... -bit.shtml
Extracted, and installed the inf file using "windows wireless drivers" Perfect. Rebooted. Not disconnecting. Launched skype.. BAM!!! Disconnecting every few mins again. Asks for auth. over and over.

Found another thread and after searching google I soon realize Im not the only one having disconnect issues with wireless as soon as skype is launched. Not only that, but it seems to be happening in both Windows and Linux. Now I try the following I find in a thread. Says to change the default ports in skype.
I changed the ports in skype. Closed skype, relaunched. No. Still disconnecting.

I find another thread that states all of these disconnects with skype have to do with DD-WRT. :O I have DD-WRT. The thread suggests that DD-WRT has auth problems when set to WPA2 mixed and TKIP/AES. That if you are using WPA2 Mixed, to instead set it to just WPA2, and only use AES. Sure enough, mine was set to WPA2 personal mixed, and TKIP/AES. I switch to WPA2 and AES. I close skype and wait and wait. An hour later, no wifi disconnects. I launch skype, and within 5 mins I am again losing connectivity on wireless. Asks for pwd over and over.

I am now fairly convinced this IS a skype issue. This issue was not present before Mint16 and the 4.0 versions of skype.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
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